Title The Research of the Sales Team Construction of Company’s

【Abstract】 Aimed at the target orientation of the sales team, selection and setup, employee training, expenditure, working load, working morale and performance system in company S, several problems were detected as follows: the target orientation was not determined, bugs existed in selection and setup, employee training lacked of efficiency, expenditure policy was unreasonable, working load was maladjusted, consciousness slacked and the power of control of sale did not enough. The reasons were found through thorough analysis that sales development trend was not exactly recognized, work of human being resource was stagnant, training was not provided with systematic style and consciousness following like sheep was serious, mistakes were made in sales team scales and structure design, sales man held the aging thought, check index was set up without reason and not seriously executed. Furthermore, the solutions aimed at these matters were provided including building up multi-kernel task and nearly concerning supermarket terminal, reestablishing employee election standard and promoting the working lever of employment and dismissal, setting up training system consisted of five links,

Category Management
Subject countermeasures, Matter, reason, Sales team,
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