Title The Research on Chinese Rural Public Goods Supply

【Abstract】 The severe shortage of effective public goods supply in our nation’s countryside is a major factor that restrict the development of rural economy. It also has a direct impact on the all-round realization of well-off society and coordinated development in urban and rural areas of our country. As a result, how to solve this problem has become the main content of the present “tri-Agricultural problem”. This thesis launches a through theoretical probe into the public goods supply system by applying fundamental principle and method of modern Economics. It employs the public goods theory and makes a detailed theoretical analysis of the characteristic and situation about our rural public goods supply and demand. By comparing the past and reality, it finds out that the current rural public goods supply system is the extension of which practiced during the people’s commune and the household contract responsibility period. On this basis ,by following fair and benifit principle in the theory of the public goods supply, it objectively and thoroughly analyses the insufficient total amount .structure unbalance and uneven cost share ,the causes that brought about it as well as it’s negative influence. The long-standing development strategy of “support agriculture by industry” and the singular body for rural public goods supply are causes outside regulation. While the not well-defined power of authority between the central government and loacality as well as local governments at various levels, the seperation of authority and treasure ownership, the imperfect government transfer payment system and the “from bottom to top” decision making mechanism are the regulation’s internal factors. In the end, the thesis systematically analyses policies on stimulating efficient rural public goods supply in our country. It includes setting up multi-body rural public goods supply mechanism and robust decision-making regulation, opening up the its financing channel ,strengthening financial supervisory system and optimizing the policy environment ,etc.

Category Agriculture
Subject Decision-making mechanism, financing channel, fiscal and taxation system, multi-body supply, Shortage, System deficiency, the rural public goods supply, the structure unbalance,
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