Title The Research on HR Management Outsourcing and Its Decision-making of Enterprise in China

【Abstract】 Many portions of HR Management feature in high cost and high repetition. Therefore, optimizing the combination of inner and outer resources, taking advantage of specialists in HR area, and introducing a new HR Management strategy, namely, HR Management outsourcing will be beneficial to the improvement of core competence, as well as the transformation from operating role to strategic role in HR management.Based on strategy management and HR management outsourcing experience of foreign countries, applied the methods which include theoretical analysis and practical analysis, qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, also combined with the practice of a specific Enterprise, the paper analyzes HR management outsourcing in China. Owing to the situation that non-standard and unreasonable behaviors are existing in our enterprises, this article introduces some scientific methods such as investigation、expert opinion method、fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and specific case analysis so as to provide scientific evidence for Enterprise’s decision-making. On the basis of the above, this article also constructs the decision-making model of HR management outsourcing, and the question how to make decision and implement it is also analyzed in it. Lastly, based on the features and HR management characteristics in China, some developing measures are put forward to settle existing barriers and questions related to HR management outsourcing, which could help enterprise to transform its role and strengthen its core competence and outsourcing service industry to develop healthy.

Category Management
Subject core competence, decision-making, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, Human resource management, Outsourcing,
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