Title The Strategy Research of Developing Urban Agriculture in Jinan

【Abstract】 As the capital city of Shandong province with strong economy and agriculture, Jinan has the objective requirements of developing urban agriculture and is endowed with corresponding Basic conditions and obvious advantages. The thesis is composed on the background of constructing harmonious socialist society and expediting a well-to-do society. The idea of comprehensive attitude, harmony and sustainable development runs through the whole article. The purpose of the article is to improve the comprehensive productive capability and the guidelines are relevant theories in the subjects of systematic, regional Economics, strategic Management, etc. Research methods such as systematic analysis, comparative analysis, causal analysis, diagrammatic analysis, induction and deduction are employed comprehensively. The article makes an in-depth and systematic research of the development strategy on Jinan urban agriculture from the perspectives of connotation and characteristics, conditions and advantages, problems and challenges, guiding thought and direction orientation, strategic purpose and deployment, strategic means and measures, etc.It is the base for the research of the question to correctly understand the connotation and character of the urban agriculture. After adequately consulting and analyzing documents from both home and abroad and making view-exchange with professional experts and on-the-spot research, the writer briefs five connotation of the urban agriculture and analyses six Basic character, sums up five kinds of urban agriculture’s character, briefs the main problems emerged on the course of the development of our domestic agriculture.The foundation and prerequisite for scientific urban agriculture development strategy lie in grasping conditions and advantages, problems and challenges objectively and accurately. Taking the approaches of strengthen, weak point, opportunity and threaten, this article systematically analyses Jinan conditions and advantages, problems and challenges in urban agriculture development. After discussions about typical domestic and overseas experience in urban agriculture development, it reveals the inspiration to Jinan by the method of contrast and induction. Investigation shows that Jinan is endowed with advantages in resource, technology, qualified person, capital,market, infrastructure and policy. Meanwhile, restricting lactors exist in lack of characteristic, contradiction in land usage, low rural income and incomplete service system.The target of the thesis is to make a scientific strategy on urban Agricultural development in Jinan. Firstly, the orientation is located on the aspects of industry, technology, market, function and main body. And then come the short-term and mid-term targets based on the rural net income, science and technological contribution rate and urbanization, etc. Thirdly, strategic emphases and dispose are made space layout and key projects. Finally, from tactic proposal and key strategy, executions measures are taken to ensure the development of metropolitan agriculture strategy in Jinan. Researches show that: 1) Urban agriculture in Jinan should be mainly focused in industries of vegetables, animal husbandry and tourism, focus on hi-tech development, orient to the domestic market in large cities such as Jinan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Beijing, cities in Northeast China and so on as well as international market in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and so on, and strengthen Eco-Environmental functions.2 ) By the year of 2010, three Economic circles located near, mid and far suburb as well as urban agriculture system including four Economic zones of tourism zone in mountain area, special agro-products in plain area, hi-efficient ecological aquatics breeding zone along Yellow River and hi-tech agriculture zone circling the city should be established. The construction of quality agriculture, sightseeing agriculture and ecological agriculture should reach high level. The rural per capita net income should reach over 7000 yuan.3) hi order to guarantee the efficient implementation of development strategy on urban agriculture in Jinan, general layout should be well planed, information service system should be completed, support from leaders and policy should be strengthened, institution construction and innovation should be focused on, characteristic and advantages should be cultivated. Products configurations should be upgraded and developed with the requirements.

Category Agriculture
Subject Jinan, Strategy management, System analysis, Urban agriculture,
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