Title The Study about GSP’s Applying of HK Retail Pharmacy

【Abstract】 ISO9000(Quality Management system) has been applied wide-spreadlly in Chinese industry and other organizations for many years, GSP (Good supply practice Management system) was published forcefully by Chinese government on July 1, 2000. GSP is a standardization Management system, drugstores can put to using for improving medicines business management performance by applying GSP, in the mean time, achieving the purpose of people s Health safeguard and disease decrease.The study object of this paper is the content of GSP and the process of the GSP application in the pharmacy business. The writer analyzes how to establish good supply practice management system in the drugstore, and how to apply the management criterion in different organization. By this way, the writer tries to find out a fine way and technique to set up a suitable supply practice management system in different organization.

Category Trade
Subject assess, certification, check and inspect, GSP, Process Control,
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