Title The Studying and Managing about Credit Risk of Mortgage-Backed Securitization in China

【Abstract】 In resent 40 years, the studying about credit risk is a hot point in the real estate financial innovations. From the experience of foreign mortgage backed securitization is a trend for the development of real estate and finance. And it can be sure that the MBS would be carried out in China soon. So it is important to study the reason why the credit risk happened and what affect it.The thesis has three main sections. At first, we briefly introduce the relevant theories of the MBS, analyze the realistic significance and the prospect of MBS in China, and state the obstacle how to implement it. We point out that it is unrealistic to execute the MBS in a short time. The course of the securitzation should be progressive. In the second, we study the forming reason and influence factors of default risk of MBS and analyze the Management system of default risk. Finally, we put forward our suggestion about how to defend the default risk of MBS. It aims at providing some referable suggestions on the Health development of mortgage securitization in China on the aspects of theory, practical business, present situation and future development. The overall objective of this thesis is to propose a working strategy for policy-maker and to offer fresh perspectives for researchers on theory and practice of MBS in China.

Category Finance
Subject credit risk, Housing mortgage loan, Mortgage Backed Securitization, Real Estate,
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